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Thursday, 10 November 2011


don't you hate it when you go through all your diabetes scripts to see what you need (have you noticed this takes ages????) you manage to get it all written out then you go to your docs to order your prescription....then you are confronted by an evil monster who is guarding every item on your list like guardians of a valuable treasure, as if you were trying to steal it from them.....yes you know who i mean....

The one..... The Only.......


seriously, clearly we wouldn't be asking for it if we didn't need it, then she asks you all those questions about when you last ordered it and how often you use it.... surely the receptionists role is to take prescription orders, arrange, cancel or change appointments, answer the phone and send off blood work...  but no!! she's turned into Dr. Receptionist and has decided that you order your insulin, blood sticks, sharps boxes etc... too often and are clearly mis-using it.... its not the first time this woman has had the nerve to tell me that i take too much insulin and order sharps boxes too often.. seriously i had no idea that my diabetologist had given me too high a dose...i had no idea that this woman is not only a receptionist, but also a pharmacist and a diabetologist too......honey... I HAVE TYPE 1 DIABETES... I TAKE THAT MUCH INSULIN CAUSE IT'S KEEPING ME ALIVE...I ORDER THAT  MANY TEST STRIPS CAUSE THEY TELL ME HOW MUCH INSULIN I NEED...I ORDER THE SHARPS BOX THAT OFTEN BECAUSE I ACTUALLY CHANGE MY NEEDLE HEADS AND LANCETTS!!!!!!

I hate these people who think they know better than the experts.... maybe the fire breathing dragon should stop trying to guard the magic golden diabetes supplies and crawl back into her cave

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