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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

how to have fun with type 1 diabetes

1: when you've tested your bg and it won't stop bleeding, you instinctively put your finger in your mouth... when people ask what you are doing, tell them you are a self sufficient vampire

2. if people watch you take your insulin with a disgusted look on their face, deliberately do it in slow motion
3. if you have a group of friends who have diabetes of either type you can play bg bingo

4. when people tell you that you don't look diabetic, respond with “thank you, you don't look like an arsehole”

and finally
5. (my fave)you know how people think that one sweet will make you drop dead... say “i can't take it any more” and eat a skittle... this is only funny if they think one sweet will kill you.. be careful thou.. one of my friends really believed it and tried to call emergency services... don't let them dial the number cause the services don't appreciate their time being wasted on ignorance of this “friend”

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