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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Zara's Weekly Rant

Hypoing during sex or foreplay, seriously, have you noticed its never before or after?  It's always bloody DURING.

Its all well and good that hypos happen, but clearly your body has terrible timing. Its embarrassing that you are getting down to "the business" and then you have to turn to your unlucky partner and say "sorry sweetie I need to spoil the moment, can you get off?"

Then by the time you have sorted your hypo, you have bypassed the "horny" stage and have entered the "sleepy" stage. You don't feel like it, ok its not so bad if you are still in a passionate state of relationship, but really not fair if you are in that stage of marriage when sex only happens on anniversaries and birthdays. Diabetes clearly has no sympathy for the sexually depraved or the highly passionate.

It would be nice to get your leg over and not worry about a mischievous hypo.... the answer

two flakes by your pillow, that way you have a snack before you get down to it, and your lover has a warning that they are "in for a treat".

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